Fraser Valley housing market slows down in 2018

While 2018 may not have reached the level of sales activity seen during the three years prior to it, this was by no means a dull year for the Fraser Valley real estate market.

The MLS® processed a total of 15,586 sales throughout the year, just below the 10-year average for the Board set at 16,974 and producing a total dollar volume of $11.8 billion (the fourth highest in our Board’s history).

Of the total transactions, there were 3,866 townhouses and 4,296 apartments sold which together represented 52 percent of all sales activity for the year. Each of those property types saw a significant decrease in sales compared to 2017, with total townhouse sales dropping 25.6 percent year-over-year and apartments dropping 30.5 percent. Single-family detached homes reached 5,733 sales and represented 37% of total market activity for the year.

“In terms of demand, this is around what we’re used to seeing for our region,” said John Barbisan, President of the Board. “There is still a great deal of interest for Fraser Valley real estate, but with prices moving slowly and more inventory becoming available, many consumers are taking a deliberate approach now that they can afford to.”

For inventory, a total of 32,058 new listings were received by the Board’s MLS® system in 2018. This was the ninth-highest total for new inventory in the Board’s history.

Fraser Valley real estate finished the year with an MLS® HPI benchmark price of $834,700 for all residential property types combined, a 2.5 percent increase compared to 2017’s composite. Each of our major attached property types saw year-over-year increases to their benchmark price with townhouses rising 3.7 percent to $531,900 and apartments rising 7.6 percent to $418,300. However, single family detached homes experienced a 1.5 percent downward adjustment year-over-year closing 2018 with a benchmark price of $965,300.

HPI® Benchmark Price Activity

  • Single Family Detached: At $965,300, the Benchmark price for a single family detached home in the Fraser Valley decreased 1.1 percent compared to November 2018 and decreased by 1.5 percent compared to December 2017.
  • Townhomes: At $531,900, the Benchmark price for a townhome in the Fraser Valley in the Fraser Valley decreased 0.2 per cent compared to November 2018 and increased 3.7 percent compared to December 2017.
  • Apartments: At $418,300, the Benchmark price for apartments/condos in the Fraser Valley decreased 1 per cent compared to November 2018 and increased 7.6 percent compared to December 2017.

You can find the complete stats package for December and year-end here. Further graphs, reports, and analysis can be found on REALTOR® Link.