Released today: Special Housing Report explores housing affordability in the Fraser Valley

The Special Housing Report produced by the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Communications Department takes a closer look at the factors driving the cost of housing in our communities and the range of solutions that could make housing more affordable.

Going local

So much of the research about housing affordability focuses on large urban cities while skirting past suburban and rural communities like ours in the Fraser Valley.

Published on REALTOR Link®, theSpecial Housing ReportAffordability in the Fraser Valley – Metro Vancouver, endeavours to make the connections from the national and provincial housing issues, to the towns and neighbourhoods where you live and work.

Causes and effects

The Special Housing Report explores the causes and effects of our exorbitant housing costs for individuals and families, and what first-timers are thinking about when they consider purchasing a home.

We face the facts of the low-income levels in our region relative to our cost of living, and how our affordability gap compares with other urbanized centres in Canada.

Government solutions

We provide a table that shows what each of the FVREB municipalities are trying to do to bring affordable housing within reach of our ever-growing populations.  As people continue to flow into the Fraser Valley, many of whom are fleeing the congested, over-heated and exhausted housing markets of larger cities, we look at the implications of burgeoning growth; what it will mean for our environment, our public infrastructure, food security, and tax rates.

We review the strategies that governments and other public agencies are following to transform the housing crisis from an economic and social drawback that strangles employment and enterprise opportunities, to a sustainable, affordable way of life that benefits and supports our communities, and our dreams for a promising future.

Read and download the Special Housing Report here on REALTOR Link® and share copies with your clients.

Inventory Report

Inventory or stock refers to the goods & materials that a business holds for the ultimate purpose of resale. In our industry we sell Homes. Below is our quick charts for instant feedback on the local Abbotsford, Mission & Chilliwack markets. For other areas please call me directly.

Abbotsford, Mission &Chilliwack Housing Inventory can dictate market prices, here is a quick guide on how to read the charts below. Each city has three types of properties we monitor: Condos, Strata Townhouses, Detached Homes

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Whats Local Real Estate Going to Do?

It’s that time again Abbotsford and Mission, so buckle up and hang on. We are about to visit the future with our time travel report. Our crystal ball uses the chart below to predict what might happen. If you are hoping for prices to rise look for our RED indicator in the report below.

I have put this report together with the help of Homelife Glenayre Realty. The chart shows the amount of sales versus the amount of listings and we publish it every month. If you wish to subscribe contact me for more info or simply follow my month newsletter: The Insider.

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